What Options Does Ugreen Give You for Car Phone Holders?


It is one thing to need a car phone holder for your car; it is another to understand how this car phone holder suits your needs perfectly. This is what Ugreen as a brand strives to achieve with each one of its car phone holders. As long as you have a vehicle, you need a car phone holder. The best place to keep your phone is not in the safe, or your pockets, or in the other chair. This is because once a call comes in, your attention gets divided. You will now need to completely lift your eyes off the road to find out who is calling. But with a car phone holder, you have most of the problems sorted out because the phone is in front of you. Ugreen offers you quite many options when it comes to choosing a car phone holder. Some of the best choices you never knew  include;

Magnetic vent phone holder

The vent is another excellent place to keep your car phone holder. But some vents can be weak and not have the strength to carry a clip for a while. That is why Ugreen made this magnetic vent holder where the vent only needs to carry the holder itself. The holder has magnets that keep the phone to the body without stressing the vent.

Cd slot phone holder

In some countries, using a dashboard or a windscreen car phone holder is not allowed because it may obstruct the driver’s sight. While this is true, it is only a factor of the brand making the phone holder. The dashboard and windscreen phone holders from Ugreen do not have any of those problems. A better option, in this case, will be to use the phone holder attached to the compact disk slot of your vehicle. In an age where we play music from our phones, you may not need the cd slot, and your vent can stay there permanently.

2in1 wireless car charger holder

You may not understand the need for having a car phone holder that can hold your phone and charge it simultaneously until you need to take a long trip. It is at this point that you will realize that the car charging devices may not be as important as the car phone holder. That is because you will be checking maps quickly to navigate without worrying about damaging your phone.


Choosing Ugreen as a brand for your car phone stand and other phone accessories is a wise decision. Blogs, articles, and people may lie across the internet, but the numbers and quality will never lie. Almost everyone who has come across the Ugreen brand has had one or more positive things to say about the brand.  The brand themselves trust the quality of their production procedures and slam a whopping 24 months warranty on the items. That is a clear indication of trust in the process. The most exciting thing about choosing the Ugreen brand is how many options they give you when you want to buy a product. You need to have a choice in your head before visiting the website; if not, Ugreen has more than one product for you.


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