What are the different roll up door springs?


You must tune many parts for your garage doors to work well, including the springs. Fine-tuned door components will make it work smoothly and efficiently.

All you have to know about the door springs of your garage

You can install and operate two types of door springs on your garage doors, torsion springs, and extension springs. Here you will get a breakdown of these door springs as per the purpose, diverse functions, and different cost prices that come with them.

The torsion springs

Torsion springs are the common and famous door springs for garages. Extension springs extend to do their functions. These torsion springs use the torque to do their duties. The springs last longer and are sturdy than any other spring type. The torque is the twisting force that leads to rotation. When you apply the force for closing or opening the garage door either by motor or hand, the coil will twist to coil the shaft. Torsion springs arrive in diverse sizes and lengths. The one you will use will depend on your garage door opening dimensions or the size.

Extension springs

These springs are in the horizontal upper tracks on all sides of your garage doors. You will use them in case of low headroom. Such a situation makes it hard to apply the rear torsion springs. These springs extend to open garage doors, thus creating a counterbalance that supports garage doors. The wider the door opens, the more the force gets placed on extension springs.

When the force is huge on this heavy-duty spring, there must be precautionary measures in the installation process. Each of these extension springs has a pair of safety cables to ensure that they are safe for use.

In case of any malfunction and the spring breaks free, safety cables prevent them from shooting freely to cause dangerous damage and harm. Safety cables protect homeowners when brackets or cables fail. The safety cables need to stay in place always. It includes any time when the door is closed, in motion, or open since there are possibilities if the spring to break free.

Torsion vs. extension – which one is much better? 

The two types are in tremendous force. They all recoil or coil in their unique ways. It means each door spring needs proper care to make it work well. The extension springs are cheaper and often used in residential applications. The low price makes many builders prefer them to construct new homes. Despite the initial cost being lower, the extension spring life span is much shorter than the torsion spring.

Torsion springs have little parts exposed, making them much safer. They are long-lasting and smoothen the closing and opening of the garage doors. Despite this, the initial cost of investment is high. It’s because they are long-lasting.


If you are making repairs to your garage doors, expanding the garage, or hoping to upgrade the garage door, you need to consult professionals. They can inspect, repair, and determine the best fit door for your garage. They will advise on the best roll up door springs that you can use for your business or family doors.


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