Common Problems with Nanrobot Electric Scooters


One of the most well-liked modes of transportation in the city is the Nanrobot Electric Scooter. Although they are practical and entertaining to ride, they can also be a hassle.

Some of the most frequent problems with NANROBOT electric scooters are listed below:

Engine Issues

Engine concerns, such as overheating or other technical problems that limit the speed and efficiency of the engine, are a frequent issue with Nanrobot electric scooters. Users who want to enjoy their scooter but are continuously forced to stop and wait for their motors to cool off before moving again may find this to be inconvenient.

Motor Failure

If your motor isn’t making any odd noises, see if something got stuck in the drive belt or between the gears, which could have damaged the internal components of the motor casing (also check wheels). Take it to a qualified expert rather than attempting to fix it yourself so they can examine all internal parts of the motor casing and determine whether everything functions as it should after cleaning.

Battery life

Compared to other electric scooters on the market, these scooters have a limited battery life. This implies that compared to other brands, you will need to recharge your scooter more frequently. This can be a problem for you if you intend to ride your scooter over extended distances.

Tiny Handlebars

Some customers have claimed that the handlebars are unpleasant to grip onto during long rides because they are too small. This can be something to think about before purchasing one of these models if you intend to use your scooter for lengthy journeys.

Failed Brakes

Some people have stated that the brakes are inadequate and malfunction most frequently (such as when riding down a hill). If someone is attempting to stop quickly and their brakes entirely fail them at this time, it might be disastrous!

No Power to Wheels

A bad connection between your controller and motor controller may be the cause of your scooter’s unexpected loss of power while you’re riding it. Simply re-connecting these two parts with the aid of a paperclip or other similar instrument can solve the issue. It’s probably time for a brand-new motor controller if this doesn’t work.

Remote Control Problems

Some users of nanrobot electric scooters have complained about issues with the remote controller. Due to the remote controller’s short battery life, it frequently performs poorly in cold conditions. Check your batteries and replace them if necessary if you have this issue. You might also need to swap out the actual remote control.

Wheel flaws

After only a few weeks of use, some consumers have experienced problems with their nanrobot electric scooters’ wheels breaking. Inadequate maintenance by the user, such as overcharging or leaving batteries attached to their scooter when not in use for an extended period of time, as well as the use of low-quality materials in production, can also contribute to this issue.


Given its mobility and ease of portability, Nanrobot would be your best option if you were interested in purchasing an electric scooter. However, there are drawbacks and weaknesses to this type of vehicle. The most frequent issues you could run into are the update fail problem, the VIN number check error, and several other hiccups. To solve these problems, you must first confirm that the charger you bought is high-quality to guarantee a secure and efficient charging process. However, while it won’t resolve every issue, it will lessen the number of headaches that are brought on.


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