Name Chain Basics You Ought To Understand


Ineffabless is one of the leading places to search for personalized necklaces, like name chains (namenskette). A name necklace is a type of jewelry featuring a specific name. It is referred to as personalized jewelry because the name is usually customized depending on the buyer or wearer.

This write-up covers the essential name chain basics.

The best metals for making name chains

One of the first things jewelry designers consider when designing their pieces is the type of metal they use. When picking the best material, the ability of the metal to resist corrosion and moisture is among the top elements considered. For this reason, noble metals are the most appropriate and commonly applied. Gold, ruthenium, rhodium, and silver are the most famous examples of noble metals. In addition to corrosion resistance, noble metals offer protection from acids.

It is worth noting that noble metals like platinum, gold, and silver are at the top of the list for making jewelry. However, their accessibility is restricted because of their significant worth. Silver and gold are exceptionally used to store esteem as they are flexible and can be used for creating different types of jewelry designs.

The solitary downside of gold is non-abrasiveness, making it powerless against wearing out if not correctly taken care of. Jewelry designers try to overcome this issue by blending gold in with different metals to create tough, more grounded metals used for making the jewelry. The most commonly combined metals with gold are zinc, tin, copper, titanium, silver, and iron.

Popular types of name chains:

Below are the most commonly made and worn types of name chains:

  • Pendant name necklaces- these are necklaces made up of a pendant and a chain. The pendant is usually the location where the name is set. It can be found hanging on the chain. In this case, the name can be found inside, behind, or on the pendant.
  • Locket name necklaces- they usually include a locket with a name on it. Most of the time, the name is found inside the locket. However, you may find locket name necklaces where the name is engraved on the locket in a few cases.
  • Medallion name necklaces- here, the name is highlighted on a medallion (a round or oval piece of decoration hanging from the chain). More often than not, the name is engraved on the medallion.
  • Basic name necklaces- these are simple name necklace designs that come in different shapes and designs determined by the wearer and the designer.

Whose name is composed on a name necklace?

There isn’t a standard regarding which name is composed on this kind of customized necklace. More often than not, the name of the wearer is included. Nonetheless, in different cases, the wearer can pick the name of a friend or family member, youngster, or soul mate. A few groups even have the names of their pets or organizations on the necklaces. It is also worth mentioning that music craftsmen have had name necklaces made with their hit songs or collections titles.


A name chain or necklace is an incredible gift to give to a loved one or family member. It also serves as a sentimental gift that one can hold on closely to their hearts.


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