Wig Dyeing Instructions: How to do it properly?


If you enjoy representing yourself with different looks and trying out new hair color ideas, you’re probably no stranger to trimming and dying your hair. However, if your natural hair is in severe need of a rest but your creativity refuses to take a break, it’s time to invest in a few wigs. The only issue? They aren’t exactly inexpensive. So, if you’re wondering how to color a blonde wig at home without destroying it, we’re here to help.

Is it possible to color a synthetic wig?

Here’s the deal if you already have a synthesized wig and would like to change the color: Synthetic hair should not be dyed, according to most experts. Why? Since it is fundamentally plastic, attempting to change the hue of plastic can result in strange results. Only artificial strands can be dyed (with temporary dyes, wax, and sometimes even fabric colors), however, the outcomes will be questionable at best.

Since certain colors and bleach will not work upon synthetic materials, it’s better to work with real hair for said optimal outcomes and customization. We’re hardly suggesting you shouldn’t try, but you’ll be nicer off purchasing a new headpiece in the desired shade.

Is it possible to color a wig with ordinary hair dye?

Yes, if you’re dealing with a wig made entirely of human hair. In truth, for any newbie discovering how to shade a wig for the very first time, a color-depositing dye, also known as semi-permanent hair color (that activates by staying on the hair’s exterior), used on a blonde wig is the simplest and quickest alternative.

What’s the best way to make a wig lighter?

If you follow the advice above and started with a blonde wig, but the tint is too yellow for you, here’s a suggestion: Clear some of the golden hues with lukewarm water and lavender shampoo. For even the most brilliant results, start with as near to a balanced, blank canvas as possible.

However, if “lighter” means bleaching the hair, it is a no-no. You might not want to try whitening your wig if you’re not a pro or if you don’t have a lot of experience in dye jobs. You have a lot of control when you’re layering the pigments on top of blonde highlights. However, once you start bleaching, you don’t.

Begin with a blonde wig since you’ve never done something like this before. After you’ve mastered that, these processes will be quite simpler to move on to bleaching. Is that clear?

The key message

To paint a wig, begin with just a blonde, real hair wig instead of a synthetic one. Then, apply the color with semi-permanent dyes. Finally, unless you’re an expert, hold off on the bleaching. Wait at least until you’re more skilled or have a wig you’re willing to sacrifice.

Use the pointed applicator for an even more accurate distribution to prevent stains on the lace, however another

advice is to treat the interior of the wig with a thick hairspray.


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