How to keep the airflow in your bathroom at the optimal level


Every part of the house needs maintenance, but a bathroom is a special place that deserves more attention because of the unique purpose it serves. Of all the ways you could maintain your bathroom, ventilation is one of the most important measures to take. When your bathroom is properly ventilated, you will be protected from various skin and respiratory infections. Here are some practical tips that will help you ventilate your bathroom properly.

Open your bathroom windows.

Ventilation is the chief purpose of having windows in your bathroom, so don’t keep them closed. Whenever you want to use the bathroom, open the windows for fresh air to flow around. When you finish using the place, leave it open for about 20 to 25 minutes before closing the windows. If you make this a habit, your bathroom will have a more natural smell, and you will be one step closer to achieving perfect bathroom ventilation.

Install a bathroom fan.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, you can install a standard bathroom vent fan. What a vent fan does is to take out moist air from your bathroom to the surroundings. There are many types with extra features like motion sensors and lighting, but as long as you get a vent fan that fits your bathroom correctly and does the main job of ventilation, you are okay. Ensure you get licensed experts to do the installation.

Open your bathroom door.

Yes, the bathroom is a private place, but that should not stop you from ventilating it properly. If you keep your bathroom locked all the time, it will become congested with moist air, and you don’t want any health problems arising from that.

Since you can’t open the door of your bathroom while you are using it, ensure it is open as soon as you leave, and let it stay that way for about 30 minutes so air can circulate. This will also help the damp surfaces dry faster.

Clean your bathroom fan, windows, and vanities.

Cleaning out dampness and dust is an excellent way to allow airflow all around the bathroom. Make it a routine to clean your bathroom windows with the right materials. The cleaner your windows, the easier it will be for fresh air to neutralize your bathroom.

As for your bathroom vent fan, you have to be careful when cleaning it to avoid causing damage. You don’t have to clean the fan as often as you clean the bathroom windows, twice a year is decent enough for your bathroom vent fan. Refer to the product manual for guidelines when cleaning your fan to keep yourself safe. As for your vanities, the surfaces are the most exposed parts of your bathroom, and they should always be dry so that germs won’t settle there. Make sure you clean your bathroom vanities every week.

Final thoughts

You use the bathroom every day, and you can’t be too careful when it comes to keeping it healthy. It’s essential to follow these tips to keep it ventilated at all times.


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