What is a cover letter for resume

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In this article, we have gathered the main tips for creating the perfect resume. For simplicity, we have arranged the material in sections that are waiting for you when filling out a resume form on Career.ru. Photo in the resume will always be a plus, even if the position does not involve communication with people. The photo will make the resume personalized: it will be easier to notice, and the response is more difficult to skip or delete. But you need to choose a portrait for a resume critically: an unsuccessful photo can spoil everything.

 Best suited professional portrait photo, business and neutral. Sometimes job seekers describe work in one company or another, as if they write a chapter from their own biography: “Here I started my career from lower positions, diligently seeking promotion” or “During a quick acquaintance, you might think that the job was easy for me, but in fact it was exactly on the contrary. These examples are the benchmark for not describing experience. The resume worked if the employer understood the experience in a few seconds and realized that this candidate was worth more careful study. And you can demonstrate enthusiasm in the cover letter.

All educational courses listed in the summary should be related to professional activities. It is better to miss something than to add questionable certificates, for example, on massage courses, if this knowledge is not needed in the work. It is always better to tell about the thorny path to the interview at the interview. Therefore, you can drop out of college or vocational school if you have a diploma of higher education in the same field. Many applicants completely ignore this section, but in vain: often it is here that the recruiter looks after becoming acquainted with the experience and education of the candidate. Key skills are specific knowledge and skills related directly to work processes. For lawyers, this can be “Arbitration Courts” and “Corporate Law”, for a logistics manager “Work with Customs” and “Incoterms”, for a financier “Statistical Analysis” and “Budgeting” and so on.

When completing this section, the Career.ru system will prompt the name of one or another skill, offering the shortest and most unified option choose it if possible. Avoid the obvious: you don’t need to write that you know Windows, Internet Explorer, and use e-mail. Very often, applicants confuse skills with personal qualities and indicate something like “Responsibility” or “Punctuality” in the key skills section. We advise you to write about these qualities in the section “About Me” and avoid platitudes. Instead of “Responsibility” and “Punctuality” write “Conscientiously treat tasks” and “Always keep within the promised deadlines”. The essence of this will not change, but the wording will attract more attention.