Introduction & Shipping Experience

Hi There!  I'm Robin, the Gourmet Gadget Gal.  I'm a foodie who loves to cook, and I LOVE kitchen gadgets.

I developed this store to provide quality gadgets to my, and your, kitchens.  The gadgets I've selected to offer typically have high ratings with my supplies and the supplies also have high ratings; a way for me to buy quality for my kitchen.  (Don't tell my husband.  This is just a way to fill my kitchen with gadgets ;) ).

My first order has come in for testing.  I'm in Canada and received the order in 9 days, which is really good.  Our shipping turnaround typically sucks up here.

We received the watermelon slicer.  My daughter and I will be testing this product and will post a video of the results.  And, I'll even post a yummy recipe to go with this product.

Talk to you again soon! (Because you read my blog, here is a code for 20% off your purchase.  Use 20GADGET at check out.)

Happy Cooking!

Robin, The Gourmet Gadget Gal

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