How to write a resume objective

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Resume this is not a copy of the workbook. In the summary, you have to write something that will help you find a job, and not something that the cadre girl has written to you there, or no one has yet written down.A resume is a work, not a statistic. It should be interesting to read. The resume should meet the requirements of personnel service and be interesting to the head of the sales department.

To understand how and what you need to write in a resume, you must walk along his path in the company. The first resume looks the most unskilled employee. This is either the assistant manager for recruitment, or the manager himself. It may, of course, be the first to find your resume and the CEO himself, but we must understand the entire possible cycle. This specialist has basic requirements set by someone from above, from which a step to the left, a step to the right execution. He is not interested in your Nobel Prizes and graduate diploma. The following regulated requirements are important to him. Age. Often employers weed out “very young specialists”, many do not even want unnecessary problems with minors. If you are 16, and you want to work, write in the resume 18.

If you can impress the boss, admit to him and say that you will break into a cake, but you will prove that he was not mistaken, piercing your candidacy. If you’re 19, write 22. This is the usual age of graduation (mini-criterion). You do not want to dissemble, write a real age, but you lose a lot of normal sentences. Experience. Usually requires experience from 1 year. What to do? To start working, experience is required. To get experience, you need to start working.

The most annoying thing is that in 90% of cases your previous experience is not very good at a new place, but all employers demand it manic. What to do we will draw experience. Do you remember your activity that brought you to the sale? Let’s describe it. Did you sell milk at the bazaar? In the summary we write: from 05.11 to 10.11 manager of small-scale food sales, the city of Uryupinsk LLC “Horns Hooves” or PI Pirozhkov. Have you sold a bunch of junk on or Well, you can indicate in the summary that you worked with the electronic trading system.