How to make a resume on word

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In the section “Contacts” note the name of the mailbox it must correspond to the professional status. The address will emphasize the non-business approach to work. But is already better.

Some applicants specify their home address in the resume up to a specific apartment. It is enough to indicate the city or the nearest metro, for example: “Mytishchi” or “the village of Mansurovo in the Kursk region”. It is not necessary to indicate the desired salary in the resume, but any employer will be happy if you do this. Universal advice in this situation: write an amount of 15–20% more than what you are earning now. This will give the opportunity to bargain without prejudice to their own interests. In more detail how to define the desirable income, we told in one of articles.

Check your expectations with the average salary of the market: look at the job, on the statistics for the region and the professional area. A salary of 40% or more will definitely discourage a recruiter. You can find out the average market salary for your city and your professional area in the HeadHunter Index. An exception is a resume for a management position, which is rather an exception to the rules for a young specialist. Managers’ salaries are calculated in different companies in different ways, and specific expectations can prevent you from getting a lucrative offer. This section should be approached with great care. The experience should look solid, that is, without long career interruptions. If there were breaks, then they should have explanations: maternity leave, freelancing, and so on.

The experience should look stable: if you change jobs more than once a year, it will alert the employer. Changes in positions within one company are usually indicated in one block. If you are an intern with experience, pay attention to the last three years of work: employers are primarily interested. You can tell very briefly about the initial stages of your career and what happened during your studies at the university. If the company is unknown in the market, indicate its type of activity. Not just Horns and Hooves, LLC, but the Black Sea Branch of the Arbatov Office for the Harvest of Horns and Hoofs. The company’s activities can be briefly described in the block of responsibilities. In the headlines write generally accepted in the market names of posts. The same goes for the title of the resume. Often, applicants copy the last position into it, which is wrong: the title should reflect the essence of the work, and not the record in the work. So your employer will quickly find your resume. Never copy the list of duties from job descriptions. Select the most important ones and write them in plain language, without stationery. Five main tasks will be enough.