How to make a resume for a job

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Let’s go back to why you decided to become a seller. If you chose this job, because most of all these vacancies, then you can not read. I do not want unhappy people to become sales managers because of hopelessness. I’m really sure that the seller’s talent is either there or not. Of course, everything can be developed. But there are such traits in which, with all the efforts, it is simply impossible to become a good seller. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you take the test and return to further reading if the test determines in you the makings of a seller. This, firstly, will allow you to negotiate more confidently, and, secondly, it will probably save you from the most terrible mistake in life.

 If you are not just succumbed to the trend of the popularity of the profession, but really want to be, remember why. Having written these lines, I remembered how my brother and I in the village went to the market to sell milk. I lured customers, bargained, counted money, and my brother did the most important work he poured the milk from our cans into buyers’ banks. I looked at him with envy, because I myself performed this operation with a probability of success of 50%. Perhaps then my clubboy allowed me to experience a high from making a deal, recounting money and communicating with customers. Then nothing clicked in me, but perhaps already then someone decided that I would sell. Surely you can boast of similar stories.

 Did you have to sell used items? Maybe you had to help your brother work in a sales salon? Maybe you spent a few months working as an uncle selling sausage? Or maybe you ran to the nearest town in a pioneer camp, bought chewing gums and resold them and sold them in a camp? (The latter, by the way, is also about me. I even then earned a couple of raids on a baseball cap with the inscription USA.). This is all your invaluable experience. Invaluable by the fact that he gave you a profession, and also by the fact that it is not enough. The more it will be, the lower will be its value. Let’s see how, using this experience, to make the right resume. Resume writing axioms A resume is an occasion for an interview. In our sales language, the purpose of a resume is to arrange a meeting, not to sell a product. The task an invitation for an interview, and not the disclosure of all your charms.